Gambling on Altcoins

Hello, everyone – this is the bitcoinmeister, the disrupt meister.

Look there’s a motorcycle going by ruining the video it’s 645 dollars or six hundred fifty dollars pretty boring right for now. All coins are back in the news with steam, as you’ve noticed. As all of you think that the as most of you know, I think all coin trading is, is gambling basically, but I understand the excitement that steam is generating it and I understand, and I’m not saying steam is gambling, but I understand that some people want to Gamble and it’s better than going to a casino and playing a slot machine and making a billionaire even richer. It actually helps a cryptocurrency community when you are trading their cryptocurrency and increasing the volume of trading and making them more popular that that it is gambling. Basically, in my mind, but you are helping these people out and who knows what might happen to this cryptocurrency, so why not gamble on our friends at V cash?

If you’re going to be a crypto trader, why not give pump them up some increase their volume? We’Re trying to get them on the shape-shift rying to get them more well-known. Another thing, I believe, is that newbies will calls an off coin price spike again soon enough. Who knows when men many newbies want to be in on the next big crypto thing, and I you know quite frankly, there might not even be a next big crypto thing. I mean that rivals Bitcoin!

No, no! There won’t be that. But who knows if there’s going to be one that even goes to number 22 big corner number 32 bit coin, so it’s a huge gamble when you’re, when you’re playing with these guys now with gambling at the casino you put your money in the slot machine or You go bet on the football game, pick the Ravens and it’s over right away. Now, with gambling on all coins like V cash, you are storing your value and actually we’ve the cash you’re actually anonymous, since it has a really cool anonymizing mechanism, and it only requires one confirmation to get it over to Polonia. So you know you can gamble fast with it.

You can hide some of your wealth while gambling and crypto currencies. Basically, since you can store wealth in crypto currencies, and you can’t do that. Obviously, when you’re gambling on football game, I will do another video on like it’s hiding your well storing your wealth soon enough, so is the steam.

It news the start of the influx of newbies and a new altcoin price fight. Will v cash, get all shapeshift that I up stay tuned and enjoy the dance video that follows.

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